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Company history

The Company was established after the successful sale of ML Robinson Financial Advice Limited in 2016. MLRFA had over 350 clients and was sold to allow us to concentrate on high net individuals to allow a new firm to grow (Manor Wealth Management Limited) and allocate more time to fewer clients thus allowing us to ensure every client achieves their goals and objectives in life.

We put every client at the heart of what we do and believe the ongoing relationship with continued reviews after designing your financial future is the most important part of the advice process. We agree on a life partnership to ensure those goals and objectives are met.

Founder, Paul Robinson – Financial Adviser

With over 21 years industry experience commencing away back in 1996, Paul started work at Cooperative bank, working his way from Financial Adviser through to Regional Director before departing company in 2007 with the Bank. In the later stages of his career with the bank Paul was responsible for over 200 Advisers and 40 office support staff but had the foresight to see Bank Assurance was not the future.



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